February 15, 2015

Elizabeth has been talking about the ice slides since Winterlude finished last year and we were rapidly running out of time to go to Jacques Cartier park. Unfortunately, her field trip on Friday was cancelled because of the weather (-27C, not including windchill or something).

Saturday was cold too so we chickened out of going before skating. Erika hadn't been to any of the Winterlude activities yet so after church the girls and I headed to the ice sculptures to evaluate whether we were brave enough to try the slides.

We looked at the sculptures and the girls played with the snow shovels for a bit and then we decided to catch the bus across the river to Quebec. Even though there was an "extreme cold warning" and it was -26C with a wind gusting up to 20km/hour. When we arrived, we immediately found the slides. Turned out it was so cold there were hardly any lines. We slide until Erika's ears felt a bit cold, then we went indoors for lunch. Then more slides and a pause for beavertails / hot chocolate. Then a few more slides and on to the bus back to Ottawa. Overall they managed ten different slides (6 individual slides, 3 group slides and the tubing!). The walk home from Dow's lake was admittedly chilly but I think the girls got less cold than Elizabeth did last year when it was 15C warmer, mainly because we were careful to warm up very often and we didn't have to wait more than a few minutes for any of the slides so they could run around more.

We had a blast.

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