March 1, 2015
Disney on Ice

A guest post by Elizabeth! She had a special adventure with her "brest friend" and asked me if I could tell everyone about it "on the blog".

"I went to Disney on Ice because my friend Adi brought me for my birthday present! It was at the hockey place and there was people yelling 'Who wants popcorn! Who wants hats!'

There was a magic wall and the people in the show could go through it without breaking. I think it was a curtain. There were two handles and a snappy thing attached to the ceilings and they were really cool. The princesses used them to pretend they could fly.

There was steam and there were lights and sometimes it was light and sometimes it was dark and sometimes there was fire (but it wasn't real). Everyone was on skates. They were all persons (Ariel had feet). There was even a crab and a fish and green frogs. There was Rosetta and Belle and Ariel. Some of them even did cartwheels on their skates and could skate on one leg. If I practice maybe I can skate like that when I'm eight.

Adi's grandma got me a tulip hat and a cup that had blue, yellow and green food in it. Wasn't that nice? I think they were little ice blocks with food colour in it. It was very sweet. Adi got a green one with three eyes on it. I got a pink Ariel. Adi and Tristan got cars hats. And we had cotton candy. It was fluffy and green at the bottom and pink at the top. It was yummy but I didn't finish it because it tasted weird and it was my first time.

Adi's brother Tristan came too. His favourite part was the cars. (Daddy asked if he was well behaved - answer: 'well he's three now so yes - three year olds are always well behaved. He looks like a two year old to me but Adi's grandma told me how old he was'). Mommy Michelle and Adi's grandma liked the cars too and Mommy Lise-Anne liked Tinker Bell. I think Adi's favourite part was Ariel on the ice just like me."

On March 3, 2015 at 04:18 pm
Grandma H. said:
Oh, Elizabeth, thank you so much for telling me about your fun time at Disney on Ice. That was a very nice birthday present. You wrote a marvelous description- I can almost picture the lights and the action. Wow, those people can skate well. I can't imagine doing a cartwheel on skates! And a magic wall too. Your tulip hat looks very nice on you.
On March 14, 2015 at 01:44 am
Grandpa H said:
Thank you Elizabeth! I suggest you do cartwheels on a softer surface like grass before you try ice! Love, Grandpa

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