February 28, 2015
Party Part Deux

Breakfast candles are apparently now our tradition, so I made pancakes once again. This time I didn't melt the bottom of the candles in the hot pancakes, and I didn't "forget" to add the chocolate chips (I may have had some reminding!).

Elizabeth's friends showed up bright and early (10am) ready to play. Auntie Janice gave us some fake snow to play with while we waited for everyone to arrive. Some of the kids totally loved this and some (including Elizabeth) did not like getting their hands gooey - oh well. It was SUPER messy! I was glad I'd thought to put out a plastic tablecloth as we were able to bundle it up and drop it all in the closest tub.

The kids that didn't want to play with the snow got to build castles with blocks. This was totally improvised on the spot when I realized that the sensory part wasn't going to work for all. Luckily they enjoyed that. Then glitter glue and paint to decorate loot bags. I might not have quite thought through the mess factor but actually the kids were remarkably tidy all things considered.

We played a relay race to "build Olaf the snowman". Pro tip: do not let your two-year old watch games involving toilet paper. Elizabeth and her friend Sarah were picked to be snowmen. It was highly amusing for all involved, though the "relay race" part kind of morphed into random kids adding random pieces to whichever snowman they were closest to. I apparently like maximum chaos, so not only did we snowsuit all the kids to play hunt the coloured ice cubes in the snow, but afterwards I supervised make-your-own pizzas. It was fun, but I did wonder what on earth I was thinking when we got to the pizza part. In the middle of the busiest part, one of our biggest clients server went down. So Brendan disappeared leaving me with 11 very excited 4-6 year olds and Matthew. I was very glad a couple of parents had opted to stay! I finished getting the pizzas in the oven while Elizabeth opened her gifts. I have no idea who got her what but she loved all of it.

After the party it was time for skating class to work off a little of the sugar. After skating we headed to Swiss Chalet (where else?) for supper. Then more presents, more cake and Boggle with the rest of the house before bed.

On March 14, 2015 at 01:26 am
Grandpa H said:
Wonderful! I love the "Pro tip" - sounds like another blog theme... ;)

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