March 2, 2015
Now we are six

At six Elizabeth weighs 42.5 lbs and is 45.5" tall. She looks MUCH older than last year (check out the pictures with the bear!) Mommy is not sure about the lack of bangs but does give her major points for persevering. They are almost long enough to stay put behind her ears!

She is very independent - picks out her own clothes, takes a shower (including washing her hair) by herself and can get up in the morning and get dressed. She's still a good helper and especially enjoys learning how to do things she thinks are for "grownups". She's made dinner for us a couple of times from start to finish except that we don't allow her to drain pots full of boiling water or take things out of the oven yet. She can do laundry, though her folding skills aren't quite up to standard.

Six is a little mouthy. She likes to try out things grownups say to her... on grownups. Often at rather inappropriate times and sadly for her without the expected or desired results! Obviously still trying to understand the boundaries. She's definitely a rule follower and wants to understand how the world works. What are the rules? Can she make the rules? It drives her crazy when "rules" appear not to apply. (WHY!??)

Six can play well by herself and has been caught reading books to herself (early readers!). Still loves to draw, still loves crafts, still loves playing with dolls. Making forts and racing cars are also extremely popular.

She isn't a picky eater anymore, but her table manners are often atrocious. We're working on it.

Elizabeth is almost done the grade one math curriculum we've been working through. In the right mood she finds math fun, but sometimes she gets impatient and is incapable of a simple sum she normally can do almost without thinking. No idea where she gets that from (!) This doesn't just apply to math - it's hard to know what reading level she's at because sometimes she'll read what's written easily and fluently (even words that we didn't know she knew). And then she'll read something like "all" and despite having read it correctly in the previous sentence she'll spend a minute sounding it out agonizingly slowly - maybe throwing a few extra sounds in for good measure - and get very frustrated. Usually this is when she's convinced that the story she is reading says one thing and what she's actually reading says another. So she tries to make the words match up the story she's trying to read and gets increasingly agitated when they don't. Sometimes she goes as far as rewriting the story "properly" on a piece of paper, though I don't usually give her that satisfaction.

She also very much likes to be first to do things, the only one to do things, the one that does the most of something or the one that does the best. Slightly competitive, shall we say... Sometimes this comes out as wanting to be right, so even though she obviously knows that she's made a mistake she will absolutely not admit to it. We've learned not to get caught up in this.

Six likes to ask unanswerable questions (or with answers that she finds less than satisfactory). She cannot for the life of her understand why Mars One can't figure out a return trip. There's gotta be a gas station somewhere in space, and if not, they should just build one. She's particularly fixated on death and heaven.

Still very chatty and friendly, still a social butterfly that appears to make friends easily - and more impressive - she is able to maintain those relationships. She would have been happy to invite most of her school to her birthday party (and the teachers too!), not to mention many of kids she happens to know. We restricted her to ten and were quite interested by her choices. Only four from her class. One from church. A couple of friends that we go camping with. The rest: kids from her class two summers ago (and that she only ever gets to connect with at recess!) and of course Adi - that goes without saying!

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