August 23, 2009
An update

It's been a while since I updated, but I've finally posted all of our cottage adventures.  It's actually been a pretty exciting week but I abruptly got a terrible cold sometime in the night on Tuesday and that was that. (I really love breastfeeding, but not being allowed decongestants is a drag...)


On Thursday I dragged myself over to my parents' new apartment to help paint. Unfortunately I was feeling so rotten I fear I wasn't much help.  Elizabeth was very good - we stuck her in a well ventilated room away from the painting and asked her to play nicely by herself.  She did so for quite a long time.   Eventually I had to take myself off to bed where I crashed with a fever of 102 (38.8C).


Friday we helped my parents move into their temporary home (They are ultimately headed overseas to serve as missionaries with MAF).  Strangely, Brendan and I ended up with a living room and dining room full of moving boxes.  I haven't peeked into our new garage but I heard that there are a few things that found there way there too! 


Elizabeth began to get sick Saturday, but instead of coming down with cold number two so far she's just been a little fussier and a bit "snotty nosed".


I feel much better now, although not well enough to take my germy self to church.  Boo for germs! 

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