April 3, 2015
Good Friday 2015

Lent this year seemed kind of rushed. Although we have traditions it seemed like we were always just not quite managing to do anything we'd planned to mark it "appropriately" from the moment we missed the Ash Wednesday service due to everyone being sick.

And then Holy Week began and somehow between Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday things seemed to settle down. It helped that Elizabeth has been sleeping a tiny bit better, I expect. We took Elizabeth to the foot washing service (Matthew stayed home and pretended he was never ever going to sleep again with Auntie Janice) and Elizabeth asked to wash Daddy's feet and then her friend Karis washed her feet. It was a really great service and I was so glad that we went. Elizabeth clearly loved being treated as "grown up" and not having to share our attention with Matthew for a few hours.

The Good Friday service was beautiful as well. Matthew was quite taken by the request to draw his sins on a piece of flash paper ("Do you know what sins are?" "Naughties!!!" said with great glee). Both kids very impressed by the result of all our papers disappearing in a giant whooshing fireball.

The whole family got together after church on Good Friday to decorate eggs and make (eat!) resurrection rolls. Erika did her whole egg with the hot wax, but the other kids all had to paint with food colouring. Elizabeth and Maria got to write their names using hot wax and under supervision. Elizabeth was very proud, until she managed to dump hot wax all over her finger raising a small blister. After that she was pretty much done for the evening.

Actually, all the kids were getting squirrelly by then and it was a beautiful day so we kicked them outside to play. We tried very briefly to get a calendar picture but as you can see from the one photo I actually took the kids were not feeling cooperative.

Everyone stayed for lasagna and coleslaw for supper. The coleslaw used the recipe from that time Dave was on TV, which was interesting enough information to get Elizabeth to try it (it's rather spicy, but I made a mild version). Brendan laughed at me for making two full-sized lasagnas but they were demolished in very short order, partly because we didn't get around to garlic bread and partly because the kids have hollow legs ;)

Hopefully by the time the kids are teenagers groceries will be delivered by drone because otherwise we're going to spend all our time at the grocery store...

On April 9, 2015 at 00:02 am
Auntie Janice said:
Besides, drones would be SO EPIC as a means of receiving groceries.

PS have you seen the helicopter tongue-in-cheek ad from the 50's suggesting that's what helicopters would be used for? Has a tiny basket on the front of a giant helicopter- the wife takes out eggs and milk. I think the laundry that was on the line would be pretty ruined, personally, lol.
On April 11, 2015 at 07:49 am
Grandma H. said:
Glad you're aware of what they might be like as teenagers, lol!

Still chuckling about Matthew's response to what are sins. So much for the theory of tabula rasa- amazing how early those "naughties" come out.

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