April 15, 2015

Elizabeth has had a wiggly tooth for a few months. Actually, when she went to the dentist a couple of months ago, he informed us she has four! Dr Jack gave her a "tooth bag" and she's been proudly telling everyone that when her tooth falls out, she'll put it in the bag and the tooth fairy will swap her for adult teeth that she can put in. This is not a story we told her, but she was pretty adamant that that's the way it works.

Anyway, weeks have gone by and while the gap between her bottom teeth has widened very slightly, the tooth didn't seem to be getting any looser.

The dentist had mentioned something about booking an appointment with an orthodontist. "It's probably too early", he said, "but might be a good idea to figure out the best time." He seemed pretty sure Elizabeth is going to need something done. Elizabeth was not amused by the idea. Apparently, she doesn't think they are "pretty". Now you have to understand that I've always had a fondness for braces - I thought they looked pretty cool and desperately wanted some. So I thought that was the most ridiculous statement ever. Brendan had a lot of work done - headgear, retainers, braces, teeth extraction and a plate in his mouth... In fact he still has a wire to keep some of his teeth in place, but overall he was glad the work was done.

In any case, it didn't seem terribly urgent to follow through with finding an orthodontist. Until Elizabeth started complaining first about a bump on her gum, and then something sharp. Turns out that she really doesn't have space for her adult teeth, so number one permanent tooth has come in behind the baby tooth. It's apparently really uncomfortable, and since it's no longer pushing at the baby tooth it's likely that if we can't get her tooth to fall out by itself it will have to be extracted.

Elizabeth has decided that she now is okay with the idea of eventually having braces because she really HAAATES having "shark teeth".

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