April 17, 2015

Our kids have their fair share of "sibling rivalry" moments, but they've been awfully sweet this week too.

We've had fantastic spring weather (above 15C! A few days above 20C!) and Elizabeth is now over the disappointment of no more snow and ice. Matthew has been spending more than an hour a day "biking" up and down the driveway. He's only interested in the plasma car when Elizabeth is around for some reason, but of course those have seen heavy use as well. Matthew would like to use the tricycle and the scooter too but to his immense frustration he is not quite big enough for those.

I was pleased to see my Forsythia bush blooming since it is getting dug up next week (we're having the lead piping replaced from the street to our house - apparently with gold plating judging by the cost... sigh...)

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