April 25, 2015
Erika is 9

"Not quite double digits"

"Erika is Elizabeth's age upside-down..."

"Erika is OLD"

No end to the jokes but the bottom line is that Erika has somehow gotten big.

Since she is moving to Japan in only a few months, this may be the last birthday we will celebrate together before she's a teenager (eep!)

We thought long and hard about what kind of present to get a bookworm who is moving away and can't take much with her before deciding that she was responsible enough for a Kobo. We did not get the one with a backlight - although my memory of my nine-year-old self thought that might reduce the desire to set one's covers on fire when reading in bed we figured perhaps best not to encourage reading in bed at all...

We found the idea of potentially being able to gift virtual books in the future attractive too, and there is the hope that she'll be able to take (English) books out of the library here even when she's in Japan. She seemed to like it so hopefully it works out!

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