May 4, 2015
Field trip to Agriculture museum

Elizabeth's class went on their first field trip of the year today and I came along to supervise. Matthew and Daddy came to meet us at the museum (I do not share Elizabeth's love of school buses!)

Elizabeth had a great time, even though she was disappointed to discover that her friend Adi's class was in the group that wasn't going to the museum until later in the month. We did a program about rabbits, which was amusing in part because Elizabeth fancies herself an expert in looking after rabbits... So she was surprised to hear that rabbits in captivity mainly eat rabbit pellets (the one we look after does not) But she enjoyed petting Alfred very much - he spent much of his time hanging out near Elizabeth so she had a good chance to pat.

The class - a split jk/sk class - is small (22 kids) and only 14 went on the field trip - apparently due to protesting the new sex ed curriculum (!), so the level of chaos compared to last year was quite a bit lower. With the exception of one child who was also in Elizabeth's class last year, I thought the kids were all very well behaved and listened unusually well. Elizabeth's teacher commented that they enjoy stories and songs very much and therefore can usually be counted on to sit quietly on the carpet and behave during story time.

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