May 10, 2015
Mother's Day

Mother's day this year was a lot of fun. There was some spoiling by the kids who made me a card - together (!) and mostly without fighting (!!)  Elizabeth made me flowers at school out of egg cartons. She was super proud of herself for making a gift and keeping it secret until it was time to give it to me.

After church Elizabeth and I met up with Grandma Margaret to see the quilts at the show Auntie Janice helped organize this year for her quilt guild. More about that later...

After the quilt show we met all the cousins at Tulip Fest to take tulip pictures. I organized it early this year because it's been rather hot and I was afraid the tulips would be past their prime if we waited... Not that I'm still bitter about last year or anything (heh)

After dinner Grandma Margaret joined the rest of us for a Mother's day BBQ. We hung out and then it was time for cousins to leave. Auntie Yukiko was tired but the girls didn't want to leave. "Okay then", I said. "You guys can just stay here." Elizabeth, Erika and Maria were electrified by this idea and instead of heading out the door they begged to be allowed a sleepover. (Last time we offered Maria a sleepover she couldn't bear to sleep away from her house, so I knew she was quite excited!) After some quick consultations among the grownups and figuring out that we could handle the lack of toothbrush / pjs etc we actually went through with the totally unplanned sleepover! I didn't even live to regret it ;)

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