August 28, 2009
Six Months Old!

Elizabeth is six months old today.  We went to take her monthly picture with the bear and discovered that she is actually bigger than Teddy. I'd thought she'd mostly stopped growing since her four month checkup, filling out rather than up, but apparently she's been doing a bit of both!


At six months, Elizabeth:

  1. Weighs 14 pounds and measures approximately 60 cm.  Obviously she hasn't shrunk.  We've officially given up on being able to take an accurate height measurement.  We'll see what the pediatrician thinks in a couple of weeks...
  2. Coos, babbles and gets into the odd uncontrollable giggling fit.  Her vocal range is expanding daily - "pa" "la" "ma" "da" etc
  3. Can't quite crawl but gets around nonetheless.  She can pull herself onto her hands and knees, and when put down, pulls her knees up so that she lands on all fours.
  4. Can't quite sit but props herself up on her hands.  She prefers to be on her stomach and has perfected the "cobra" pose.  She is still quite the contortionist and is starting to suck her toes when Mom is not looking!
  5. If something has disappeared out of her range of vision, she'll turn around to see if she can find it.  Peek-a-boo is a favourite game.  She likes to anticipate where Mom or Dad will appear from next.  Running under the deck to pop out of the other side was really startling at first though!
  6. Uses the toilet instead of her diaper more than half the time, at least on a routine day.   Poopy diapers are rare now (yahoo!).
  7. Has not started solids, but does sit in her high chair for most meals.
  8. Is less predictable about napping and bedtime.  She usually has three naps, approximately 9am-10am, 12pm-1pm and 3pm-4pm.  Bedtime is usually around 7pm.  Once she goes to bed she sleeps until 7am the next morning, except for snacks and/or pee breaks (usually around 11pm, 1am and 5am).  Even though the meals are less frequent, Mom finds the night wakings more disruptive because we actually have to get out of bed to visit the toilet. 
  9. Reliably plays happily by herself on the floor or in her exersaucer for half an hour to an hour while Mom does other things!
  10. Has Mommy and Daddy completely wrapped around her little fingers!

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