May 11, 2015
Quilt Show

I mentioned that Margaret, Elizabeth and I went to the quilt show yesterday. We would have dragged the boys along but Matthew would have seriously interfered with my ability to properly enjoy it so I decided he had to wait until he's a bit older and less grabby!

At first Elizabeth didn't want to go either, but then she won a door prize and remembered that she had a big surprise for me at the show and suddenly she was much happier. It turns out that she had made a quilt for Amelia with some help from Auntie Janice. I may have had some inkling that something was afoot, but I was surprised to find out that Elizabeth had done much of the quilting herself. Elizabeth was super keen to show me her quilt and to find out if she had gotten a "surprise" (prize). She was quite indignant to recognize Auntie Janice's dress and to find out it hadn't won anything. I told her that most people didn't get prizes at the quilt show as there are many more quilts than prizes, and besides having people look at your quilting was its own reward. I had an idea of letting her down gently but turns out they give ribbons to all youth entries which is brilliant and was very appreciated by one over-excited six year old. She then spent quite a bit of time dragging random strangers to see her quilt. Luckily they were all good sports and actually many of them were super encouraging about her efforts - to the point of taking her picture and pointing her out to other quilters and just generally making Elizabeth feel like a rock star for submitting a quilt. She's keen to make another one now.

On May 28, 2015 at 00:18 am
Joanne Bender said:
Wow!! What an accomplishment! What a nice surprise for mommy and a great "prize" for Elizabeth!

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