May 24, 2015
Vera, Astra and Magnus

Vera came to visit Ottawa and brought both kids with her, which was fun as Astra is just a bit older than Elizabeth and Magnus just a bit younger than Matthew.

Astra and Elizabeth played together really nicely for quite a while during the garage sale and Elizabeth was sad when Astra had to leave. The plan was for everyone to come for dinner and Grandma Margaret's on Sunday, but Elizabeth's friend Adi dropped by for a playdate and kidnapped Elizabeth in the afternoon and Elizabeth and Adi were having so much fun together that we agreed she could stay for supper at Adi's. Hopefully Elizabeth will have another chance to play with Astra soon...

The other kids - including Erika - not sure why no picture of her - had a lot of fun playing on Grandma's lounge chair. The little boys in particular delighted in piling onto the girls. They were quite adorable until the evening caught up with them and we all rushed home to bed!

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