May 23, 2015
Great Glebe Garage Sale

This year's Great Glebe Garage Sale was CHILLY!

The forecast called for frost and a low of -2C (which we got!) so I frantically covered up as much of the garden as we possibly could and hoped for the best. Looks like we got away with it, but in the morning it still hadn't warmed up in the shade especially and poor Auntie Janice was quite frozen at points.

Our lawn still hasn't recovered from the digger shenanigans so we were very pleased that our neighbours agreed to help host the Breast Cancer Action ladies in pink. Auntie Mary and Uncle Dave took our kids around the garage sale with Xander and Isabelle (Auntie Karen was on a girl's trip in the States). This was just as well as I tried to walk around the garage sale but once I reached Clemow and Lyon it was clear this was about as far as I was going to get this year. I had to stop and rest every couple of steps - I wasn't exactly experiencing contractions as described to me but there was some concern and I decided I'd better behave myself for the rest of the day..

Elizabeth agreed to sell some toys in exchange for being allowed to buy a small knitted owl from the pink ladies and some cupcakes (win-win!)

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