May 22, 2015

Auntie Mary is visiting overnight and the kids conned her into putting on the toddler monkey costumes. Really I think we'll have to relabel that one as "one size fits all"!

The kids were especially excited because it was also sleepover night in Auntie Janice's room. We thought it would be prudent to try it at least once before baby since that is our plan for dealing with Matthew when we are both at the hospital overnight!

This was Matthew's very first sleepover and it went great, even though Elizabeth apparently was snoring and she still falls out of bed if there are no rails. She recently decided she was ready to sleep on the top bunk and had been alternating with the bottom bunk before totally transitioning to the top. I guess it's good she did this prior to the sleepover as we might have been even more terrified if we'd been aware that the falling out of bed wasn't a thing of the past.

At least Auntie Janice had the foresight to put Matthew back far enough that she didn't squash him on the way out (he insisted on sleeping with his head close to Elizabeth's - he likes company!)

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