May 31, 2015
Aidan's 6th birthday

Elizabeth was invited to Aidan's sixth birthday party. It had a chemistry theme - how fun is that?!

There was a chemistry themed ice-cream cake. Jello / gummy bears served in petrie dishes. "Lab coats" made out of garbage bags. A diet coke and mentos geyser. They blew up balloons using baking soda and vinegar - Elizabeth was hilariously cautious with the balloon - I guess she was quite concerned that the balloon would pop in her face or something!

The kids played with acids and bases using cabbage as an indicator solution. They made glow in the dark worms and played with glow in the dark ice cubes floating on oil. Elizabeth was super into the oily ice cubes, which surprised me because usually she avoids all the messy stuff - a good reminder not to make assumptions about what the kids will and won't like! There was some fun with surface tension and soap.

Dianne and David acquired 25 pounds of dry ice for the occasion which they used liberally throughout the party for special effects and science. There was fizzy, smoking apple juice to drink, though Elizabeth was deeply suspicious of it and only had one sip. They blew enormous bubbles in a bowl. Then put out candles with the carbon dioxide and tried to float tiny bubbles on it but the kids just wanted to chase and pop the bubbles so didn't cooperate long enough to really see the effect - oh well!

The party ended with David chucking the remainder of the dry ice into the pool :)

It's pretty safe to say that all had a fantastic time!

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