August 31, 2009
Look Ma! No hands!

This blog entry was supposed to be about our walk by Dow's Lake to visit the posse of extremely tame ducks, seagulls and Canada geese.  The ducks let you get close enough that you think you might be able to touch one, although they waddle into the water pretty quickly if they think you might try!  The geese were less shy.  One rather fat goose eyed me so speculatively that I decided to beat a calm but hurried retreat.  I wouldn't want Elizabeth to be traumatized by an overenthusiastic goose after all...


Elizabeth loved the ducks and we had a wonderful time, but without photographic evidence I might have forgotten that we even saw ducks because on the way home Elizabeth sat completely unassisted for the first time!  So she sits now.  Not for very long nor very enthusiastically (she'd rather be on her tummy), but she sits!

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