May 14, 2015
When she grows up

Elizabeth told me recently that she's decided what she's going to be when she grows up.

1) Police Officer

2) Train Driver

3) Pilot

4) Bus Driver

5) Mommy

6) Teacher

Of course I wanted her to elaborate. She thought the idea of picking just one career was "boring". "Can't I do more than one thing in my whole life Mommy? After all, I've done lots of stuff already and I'm only six."

First, she wants to be a police officer because she likes their cars and they can go fast on the highway even in traffic if they have their lights flashing. She wants to be a train driver next because she saw a Curious George episode about them and "it was cool how they get to pull levers."

After that she wants to be a pilot because they get to go high in the sky. She's going to drive a convertible jet and write messages in the sky. I objected saying they don't make convertible airplanes and she pointed out that she's already flown in one (a biplane).

Bus drivers get to drive a lot of people at once and they have cool seats. Besides, cars are all going to drive themselves and she wants a chance to try driving.

Then she wants to look after children. She's planning to have three, probably girls unless she also has a husband in which case he might want a boy. If she ends up with a husband she will have a girl, then a boy and then a girl. She'll space them exactly two years apart and definitely won't have more than one at a time because that would be too much work. Yes, she might be slightly hazy on how this works...

She'll become a teacher last because it is something you can still do once you have children. Besides, then you get to look after lots of children at once. And teachers get stuff kids don't, like extra blu-tak, unlimited playdough and chalk, and cool keys. "Plus everyone likes teachers."

I think I was most amused by the fact that this discussion took place mostly in French. Especially the discussion about teachers.

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