June 9, 2015
Kindergarten graduation

It was Elizabeth's end of year "spectacle" and kindergarten graduation today. I was feeling pretty good and insisted on going, because although I think "graduating" from kindergarten is overdoing it in principle, in practice I did not want to miss my first baby's first graduation. Not exactly rational but hey.

Elizabeth was a bunny that hopped across the stage and danced around. It was adorable.  Adi's class did a dream sequence which was also adorable - I especially enjoyed the fake accident that was cleaned up by firemen and the "polis" - the kids made cardboard cars appropriately decorated if not quite spelled in the conventional fashion. We've quite enjoyed the various productions that the kindergarten music director has put together - as Brendan says the execution isn't always quite there but certainly there is vision and it's usually amusing. My favourite part of the show was probably the somersaulting dinosaurs, especially the one kid that couldn't quite manage the somersault with the costume on and had to be helped by his fellow dinosaurs.

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