June 11, 2015
A visit from friend Janice

"Friend Janice" and her mom came by to admire Amelia and spoil the kids rotten with new clothing. Elizabeth and Matthew correct us every time anyone just calls her Janice - not sure if they think that "Friend" is part of her actual name or not but even though we assured them that it's okay to drop the friend when talking to her they were having none of it. Elizabeth was all "But Moooommmm she IS my FRIEND!"

In any case, Elizabeth loved her new clothes so much that she had to be told that she couldn't wear the same thing three days in a row... Matthew's have a dinosaur, which he never fails to point out. I suspect they are supposed to be pyjamas but he doesn't agree. Amelia also received a pet sheep which Matthew adores.

Elizabeth has been diligently working at her loose tooth - so much so that she's actually developed a slight lisp when talking. Shortly after Janice left, Elizabeth managed to twist the tooth right out. All are very relieved. Related: The tooth fairy has discovered that brasso works even better than toothpaste for shining up loonies.

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