June 4, 2015

When I first discovered that I wasn't able to have a midwife this time round, one of my main concerns was whether this meant I'd have to spend more than one night in the hospital. Brendan and I had both very much appreciated being able to go home after only one night with Matthew and were quite aware that this would not have happened without the support of our midwife.

I talked to Dr Gravelle about this at length in advance and she felt it wouldn't be a problem. Of course I was prepared to stay longer in the case of complications but if I was feeling good and baby was healthy, I wanted to go home as soon as possible!

Last time round they were fine with Matthew being discharged when I was ready to leave, but not too happy that I wasn't hanging around. This time, everyone agreed it was fine for me to leave, but they weren't sure about releasing Amelia as protocol called for one more heel prick at 11pm due to the low birth weight and blood sugar concerns.

It turns out that if you want to go home just over 24 hours after a C-section, it helps to be able to point out that you did so last C-section... Not to mention having a mother who is a nurse staying with you!

Since we were not worried about blood sugar and definitely not interested in hanging around until 11 pm in order to fulfill protocol, we made the executive decision to check Amelia out "against medical advice". The pediatrician didn't argue particularly strenuously. We did stay until we got the results of the jaundice test though.

It was really nice to go home and eat supper as a family, and then sleep in my own bed. I was feeling very good and even going up the stairs up to my bedroom wasn't too bad.

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