June 13, 2015

The last couple of times I had a newborn, I hardly left the top floor of the house for the first couple of weeks. I did not go up and down the stairs frequently and basically sat around convalescing.

This time around my mobility is significantly improved and the pain is much less. I remember coming home from the hospital with Elizabeth and being unable to use the facilities because Brendan had closed the toilet lid and I was unable to bend down far enough to lift it. This time I accidentally dropped something on the floor in the first couple of days and bent over to pick it up without thinking about it until later. So I've been feeling good. I also don't have midwifery support this time around, which means I've been forced to go out a number of times. Day 2 to take Amelia to the doctor. Day 5 to get my staples out. Day 7 to take Amelia back to the doctor for her one week checkup (at which she was back up to her birth weight!). Insert comment here about how amazing post-partum midwifery care is and how much I miss it!

Despite having to go out a bunch of times, I was pretty happy with my recovery. So I started coming down for meals, and putting the kids to bed again, and generally feeling like I was practically back to normal except for not being able to drive or pick up Matthew. Turns out I should have behaved myself slightly better, but I did enjoy going to Elizabeth's graduation and hanging out at Dave and Karen's watching the kids play and Auntie Karen doing what she can to encourage her baby to come. Walks, some gardening, a little swinging of the pick-axe (as you do...)

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