June 17, 2015
2 weeks old

Amelia is now two weeks old. The novelty of having a sister seems to have mostly worn off for Elizabeth, but Matthew is entranced. He's always trying to cuddle her, play with her or say hello. "Me wake up Meelee" is a very common refrain. The other day he tried to change her diaper, which is not something Elizabeth has ever wanted to do with either of her siblings.

At two weeks she's starting to be a little more alert, at least in the evenings. Mostly she wakes up to nurse, fills her diaper and then passes out again. There is a great deal more baby spit-up involved this time round - so much so that I wish I had a baby scale to assure myself that she is actually gaining weight. There are many, many diapers so I'm not exactly worried, but she does lose what appears to be the entire contents of her stomach at least once a day (usually down my front) and there are many other smaller episodes throughout the day. She has the loudest belches I have ever heard from a baby. The kids think this is hilarious and try to imitate her.

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