June 12, 2015

When the skating season ended, Elizabeth asked if she could do ballet again. I was early enough that there were two choices near us - a ballet class at a studio near us that's quite highly regarded and a "variety dance" class from the Glebe Community centre.

Elizabeth really wanted to do ballet, so we nearly signed up for the highly regarded studio. Then I discovered that it not only required a particular brand of clothes right down to the leotards (which we didn't have and the class was starting that very day) but it also required Elizabeth to have a bun in her hair. I was quite sure that it would be a stretch to learn how to do a bun while rushing her from school to the class (already a very tight time window) and in any case the whole thing started to sound way more serious that what we had in mind so we told Elizabeth if she wanted to take dance she'd better try out the "variety" version at the community centre for half the cost and none of the hassle.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the class actually turned out to be a pretty good introduction to ballet - no variety after all. The instructor was great and managed to significantly increase the gracefulness of a whole bunch of rather giddy four to six year olds. Well, to be fair - Elizabeth was not giddy during dance class at all. Most of the other girls go to Mutchmore and so were inclined to socialize with their friends, but Elizabeth was pretty focussed on following the teacher's instructions. Actually I was concerned that she had injured herself one class because she was standing around holding one foot. But it turned out she was just "stretching" and "practicing" while waiting her turn. Matthew has learned a few new moves too, since Elizabeth showed us what she did after every class.

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