June 28, 2015
Amelia's baptism
Amelia was baptized today and while I was hoping to go three for three on the not screaming front, with Amelia I was primarily worried that she not spew all over Canon Paul. We figured this was the earliest I would be up for partying after the c-section, but it was one of my parents' last weekends in Canada (what a whirlwind this month has been!) I am pleased to report she did not drench the clergy! And actually she didn't particularly cry either - just fussed a bit at the end when she was tired of being held by not mommy. We were greatly blessed by so many of our friends and family who bore witness to Amelia's official entrance into the church. We hope and pray that she will grow to love Jesus, so as to fulfill the promises we made on her behalf today. Auntie Janice kindly held the Skype device during the service so that godmother Lorianne could attend from Winnipeg. We'll have to repeat the photo of Amelia, godfather Michael and Lorianne once Lorianne gets to Ottawa in September! After the baptism we had a mini pizza and dessert party back at the house. It was a lot of fun!

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