June 21, 2015
Theo: A special Father's day gift

Erika and Maria came for a sleepover the night before Father's day so Brendan had FIVE kids crawl into bed to wake him up... After letting him sleep in, of course! Erika and Elizabeth made the pancakes all by themselves.

We then went to church and had SEVEN cousins all in one pew (Grandma and Grandpa H brought Xander and Isabelle) - unfortunately I didn't get a photo although lots of people stopped to count!

After church we headed to Grandma J's house for palatchinken and marillenknödel (and tinker toys). Xander discovered that he really likes marillenknödel...

But where were Uncle Dave and Auntie Karen, you might ask? Well, my latest nephew Theodore (Theo) Barnabas was born today on his due date at 3:20 am, at home (in the bathtub!) A hefty 8 pounds and 8 ounces with a squawk that made his Daddy dub him "my little pterodactyl".

We headed over to see the new baby that evening. Elizabeth was a little put out that she didn't get a chance to hold Theo so she had to give "her" baby (Amelia) extra cuddles instead. Auntie Mary was very pleased to get a chance to see Theo on her way back up to Pangnirtung.

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