July 4, 2015
Isabelle is TWO
Isabelle is now two and so we went to her house to celebrate with many butterflies (she loves butterflies at the moment). She's starting to talk more understandably now. She's quite hilarious. Like Matthew she relies a great deal on "uh huh". She was cracking me up the other day when we went for a walk and she told me all about the things she saw on the way: "A car. A backpack. A grass. A tree. A dog. A grass. A backpack. A backpack. A daddy. A backpack!" (She was pretty proud of the new backpack). At the party there were lemon and sprinkle cupcakes. Isabelle was not quite as keen to blow out the candles as Matthew and Xander were. Especially Matthew! Not to mention many other yummy treats! Isabelle was a little overwhelmed by all the presents but seemed to enjoy herself greatly.

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