July 5, 2015
Flattening Grandma and Grandpa

It's been a hectic month, in which we welcomed two babies, baptized Amelia and said goodbye to the Sunnyside crew.

It was really nice to have Grandma and Grandpa H here in person during this time but the time came to say goodbye. Auntie Janice, Dan, Brendan and I took the kids to the park while Mom and Dad did some last minute packing and Uncle Dave and Auntie Karen had some time to recharge

We took the opportunity to celebrate birthdays - and yes, for those of you counting - that was four birthday parties for five people in five days. Mom was less surprised than Dad - his birthday isn't until the end of August but Elizabeth always prefers to eat cake. I made a two layer raspberry black forest cake which I assembled after the candles were blown out. This worked better in my head than in reality, but the end result was tasty. Grandpa cooked supper.

Matthew passed out on the way to the airport and could hardly rouse himself enough to give last minute hugs. Elizabeth seemed to be handling all the goodbyes okay, until she had to be physically pried off Grandma at the airport. But they will likely be back next year on furlough, so it's not for too long.

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