July 17, 2015

This is what school looks like during the summer.

Matthew likes to do his "math" at the same time as Elizabeth. Usually he just scribbles or put stickers into his book but sometimes I let him use scissors. He requires a great deal more supervision doing this sort of thing than Elizabeth did at the same age though so I find it a challenge to occupy him while teaching.

We decided to do the cursive sheets from handwriting without tears again as Elizabeth hadn't been practicing for a few months and was a little rusty. I'm very pleased with her penmanship - she obviously didn't inherit mine!!! I remember in grade three or four the teacher selected a few kids with good printing to learn how to use a fountain pen (a highly coveted skill). I was initially not chosen, but the other kids put up a fuss so the teacher relented. But made it clear that I was being picked for my social skills and not my penmanship! Probably I should have spent more time learning to print because in middle school I had to redo reams of work as the initial take was considered too messy.

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