July 22, 2015
Summer days

These are a whole pile of random photos from the last month or so that I can't bear to delete but don't really have a blog post for.

Summer is for:

1) Elizabeth and Matthew "hamming" it up at the farm

2) Gymnastics on the rainbow rug

3) Playing with friends

4) Biking - check out Maria just before they moved and just after she had re-conquered learning how to ride a two-wheeler.

5) Matthew's first selfie (I think)

6) Monkey bars! If I haven't mentioned the whole monkey bar thing - I'm definitely leaving out a HUGE part of life these days... Elizabeth is absolutely OBSESSED. She rates parks by whether they have a playstructure with adequate monkey bars and she's quite frighteningly good at them. Of course Matthew wants to do them too...

7) Playing with our food

8) Hiding!

9) Cuddling with babies

10) Having fun!

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