July 13, 2015

Amelia has started smiling! This makes the increased fussiness much easier to take. It must be said that the increased fussiness is right on cue (six weeks is the average "peak fussiness" for babies) and that despite everything she's a pretty easygoing baby so far.


She's over nine pounds and still weighs more than cousin Theo, much to our surprise. Imagine if she kept down all that she ate!!! At our latest doctor's appointment we discussed the laundry issue. Since she is gaining weight nicely and producing epic quantities of diapers none of us are keen on trying meds for reflux. I could try eliminating dairy from my diet, but Dr Lynn (her pediatrician) and I both think that the real issue is one of excessive milk flow.


I'm going to try to see a lactation consultant to see if they have any suggestions. I'm already block feeding (two or three times on a side before switching) which I found was necessary with the other two kids and I try to avoid having her nurse during let down as the effect appears to be like trying to drink from a fire hose.

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