June 22, 2015

Although Dovercourt isn't exactly our local community center, we've spent a fair amount of time here this term. I've been taking Matthew to their preschool pass programs to do crafts, games, stories and outdoor play. He loves playing on the Dovercourt play structure and colouring. The snack time is also popular, although I was disappointed to discover that their Kids in the Kitchen program is not nearly as hands on as it was with Elizabeth. I guess since the program has increased in popularity they have found it hard to keep up, but mostly they just serve food - there's not so much "making" going on. I found the crafts a little more difficult as they often don't hold his attention very long. The pottery class in particular he enjoyed the first time we went but after that he seemed to feel he had experienced it already and was only interested for about five minutes at a time. I really love crafting with kids (and pottery is pretty awesome), but I must say I was also very pleased not to have to bring anything home...

Both kids have been taking swim lessons here as it's a bit closer than the OAC. Since they are private lessons, Matthew gets to go in by himself which is great since I knew I wouldn't feel like going in the water when 11,000 months pregnant and couldn't go in the water at all in June after having Amelia.

Matthew gets along super well with his instructor even though he gets dunked many times in a class. As a result, he's extremely comfortable in the water. Elizabeth also loves her instructor but we were less enthused - too much playing and not enough swimming! This isn't exactly the instructor's intent, but nonetheless we didn't feel Elizabeth made as much progress as she did at the OAC.

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