August 5, 2015
2 months

Amelia at two months old is really starting to take an interest in the world around her.  She will stare at chandeliers, mirrors and her siblings with great interest and has even been known to allow someone who isn't mommy to hold her without screaming for more that 5 seconds. 

She's also starting to get into a bit more of a routine, waking and sleeping at similar times most days. She normally wakes by 6:30m, with her longest sleep period usually about 4 hours late morning. Sleeps pretty well at night but also needs to nurse on and off for many hours.

She's gaining weight well despite sadly still spitting up like it is going to be the next Olympic sport, usually mostly during the day. I look like I have had a pet pigeon living on my shoulder much of the day. I tried eliminating dairy only to realize chocolate has dairy in it too. Giving up chocolate seemed extreme since cutting back drastically had no effect aside from making mom cranky. Cooking dairy-free is really hard for me for some reason - definitely prefer having had to give up wheat over cheese! Anyway I've been mostly feeding her while lying down lately and that seems to be helping the excessive milk flow issue.

She still mainly nurses, sleeps and keeps the diaper companies in business, but there is faint distant hope that she may move beyond these already great achievements. 

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