July 18, 2015
Brendan has developed quite the interest in gardening lately, though he refuses to do it anywhere other than the basement bathroom. That is to say, he's gotten very into aqua culture of plants in our aquarium. Algae are his weeds and there is a lot more chemistry involved than we expected. He's finding it particularly challenging to figure out what online advice is helpful and what is totally bogus. There are a lot of arm chair experts out there! I already told you about the large tanks of CO2 and many fertilizers that he previously was playing with. Then my baking soda disappeared from the kitchen after we theorized that our cool big snails were biting the dust due to a calcium deficiency. Under his careful fertilizer addition regime the plants have really taken off - to the point that we may be able to sell some of them back to the local fish store. We can dream, anyway! He says his first goal is for the plants to fill in so that the bathroom doesn't have a window effect when you use it. Then he wants it to look nice. Lastly he wants to get things to a point where it is relatively low maintenance. I hear there are ways to automatically feed and fertilize, which I think he would like to set up because it's cool and techy. But on the other hand those are the fun parts of the aquarium so maybe not...

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