August 1, 2015
Backyard camping

It wasn't raining, it wasn't ridiculously hot and no one was sick. Clearly it was time for a sleepover in the tent.

Brendan was a little dubious about whether it was too windy but it died down by bedtime so camping it was.

Matthew took ages to settle which predictably annoyed Elizabeth who kept hissing "Matthew! I'm TRYING TO SLEEP HERE" but then suddenly at about 8pm he rolled over and passed out. He absolutely refused to sleep on a mat, in a sleeping bag or even covered up by any blankets - just groundsheet on the deck. I moved him after he fell asleep but he did wake in the middle of the night complaining of being cold and hungry - having kicked everything off again. I got him back to sleep but he was up again for the day at 5:30am.

Amelia clearly thought camping was super interesting because although she had been awake for most of the afternoon she did not go to sleep until 10:30pm. I'm pretty sure that was her longest wakeful period in her life so far! I think she was a bit cold too because she was up and wanting to nurse more frequently than usual. Or maybe it was that nursing is chillier in the tent and I noticed ;)

Even Elizabeth woke up at one point wanting help to zip her sleeping bag up, but she went back to sleep and didn't stir until 8:30am, at which point she and Brendan came into the house to find me and Amelia sleeping on the couch and Matthew playing with the neighbour's bunny whom we are currently babysitting.

Elizabeth and Matthew enjoyed it so much they wanted to sleep in the tent the next night too. We explained Mom and Dad needed more sleep before driving to the cottage next week. Elizabeth promptly declared the kids ready to sleep in the tent all by themselves...

On August 10, 2015 at 11:21 pm
Mary said:
There's a sequel here that should be recorded for posterity. We were worried about the rotten tree branch hanging directly over deck, play structure and tent so when it got windy again the next day Brendan insisted the kids come inside.

They weren't done playing in the tent and so a promise was made that they could play just a bit more the following day when the wind was forecast to die down.

Brendan was worried that the tent might blow away in the wind, and he was worried that if that happened the sleeping bags and mats left in the tent for playtime might get wet. So he filled a bucket of water to hold down the tent and piled all the stuff in the middle.

Turns out it was windier than we thought - enough to blow over said bucket, drenching everything!
On August 13, 2015 at 03:07 pm
Auntie Val said:
Great memory!!! I remember sleeping under the stars as a kid, on reclining lawn chairs or old mattresses that me and my siblings dragged onto the lawn. Love the fact that you don't need to "book" a site in your own backyard!! :)

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