August 7, 2015
Garden update

We had a massive crop of beans this year and it looks to be a bumper crop of tomatoes too, although I'm probably going to miss a ton of them because the cottage is late this year (boo!)

And we had so many currants that I didn't actually get around to picking half of them, despite quite a lot of help from the kids. I'm blaming heat wave + infant.

I was feeling quite excited and hopeful about the pumpkins. They started out ok but while I have one pretty respectable pumpkin now (minus a bite), the second pumpkin has been thoroughly gnawed by something. There were actually quite a few fruit that started to set and then turned yellow, shrivelled up and died. Apparently the vine couldn't support them (not enough water? too hot?). Now the leaves are yellowing with what looks like some kind of blight and everything is under attack by cucumber beetles. I very much dislike cucumber beetles. So we will see. I also see signs of my pumpkin already turning orange, which is a bit early for something we'd like to have at the end of October... Sigh...

The watermelon was very exciting and cute. But when it got to the size of a golf ball our local squirrel couldn't wait any longer and polished it off. I suppose it might have been a chipmunk, but the kids insist that Chippy or Ippy are not capable of such a betrayal.

Surprisingly they didn't eat any of the small number of peas I planted. The kids think I should plant a lot more next year!

The zucchini are zucchini-ing. Matthew is very excited about the huge ones so I have left a few. Some of the smaller ones did the turning yellow and shrivelling up thing too - not sure if that's because there were seven or eight at once on the same plant or what. The leaves are all mildewed and now under attack by the same cucumber beetle, so I don't know if there will be too many more but we have had three very large zucchini so that might be enough to call it a success for this year.

The carrots and lima beans are looking great though.

On August 17, 2015 at 01:10 pm
Grandma H said:
Love your garden. Look at all those beans! Just think of all those bites as contributing to the nutrition of the wildlife...

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