August 9, 2015
Off to the cottage

Auntie Janice and Elizabeth picked 17 ripe tomatoes before we left for the cottage! It's a bit late in the season to be away but luckily the lima beans will keep and I don't think we're going to feel tomato deprived...

I didn't get around to canning my peaches before we left, mostly because they were just not ripe enough (best laid plans foiled!). So in addition to the crib, a baby tent, 384 infant diapers, 4 bulk packages of wipes, a partial package of size 4 diapers and pull-ups because hope springs eternal on the potty training front, and twice the clothing I would normally bring due to the spit up issue... I also brought six baskets of peaches and canning supplies.

I told the kids there just wasn't space for bikes but they were quite shocked by the concept so I repacked everything and actually managed to cram them in. I did extract a promise from the kids that they would ride those bikes every day in order to justify bringing them...

I was hoping to leave by 10am and we actually ended up leaving around noon. I think it is fair to say that we would not have left before supper without help from our neighbour and Auntie Janice. And we didn't manage to inspect the garden, fertilize the fish tank, clean the turtles or mow our lawn before we left. I did give the boys a haircut though (Matthew's may have ended up a wee bit shorter than intended due to a moment of inattention) and we had two sets of neighbourhood kids in to help feed turtles, frogs and fish...

We stopped three times, but only once due to Amelia being fussy - the other two stops were required when we suddenly realized we had forgotten to buy supper! Otherwise the kids just chilled in the car. The kids skyped with flat Grandma and Grandpa, they read books and they slept. I drew Elizabeth a little map from Golden Lake to the cottage which she followed along fairly well.

Matthew of course managed to come down with a rash right before we left - more on that later...

It was super nice once we arrived and although we should have made supper and put the kids to bed we decided that we'd go to the beach instead. So we did!

On August 17, 2015 at 12:56 pm
Grandma H said:
So glad you got there safe and sound! Enjoy! How is the canning coming?
On August 21, 2015 at 09:00 pm
Mary said:
We finished the canning a couple of days after we arrived, well except that I ran out of jars! So we had to eat a few too. But they were tasty!

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