August 14, 2015
Lauren and Donna
With a cottage nearby we always try to get together with Lauren and Donna or Ryan while up in Muskoka.  This year Lauren and Donna were around at the right time so we got to see them and their kids.  They suggested that since we had the youngest child they would come and see us.  We were a little apprehensive of the weather as the clouds hovered in the sky blocking out the sun, but in the end the sun poked through and the rain held off.  The kids had a grand time playing at the beach and terrorizing the various water toys in the lake.  The older girls spent most of their time "cleaning" their restaurant.  They carefully hauled each items down the hill to the lake and washed it before returning it to the play house at the top of the hill.  When it was nearly time to go and they were told they had five minutes left they exclaimed "but we haven't had any time to play!  We've just been working!".  The adults nearly died laughing.  The time went by super fast and we all hope to see each other again soon.

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