September 25, 2009
First solids

So Elizabeth has eaten her first "solids".  For a while now she has been working on sneaking something past mommy or daddy into her mouth but had thus far failed in her attempts to actually get anything down.  Today she managed to grab a post-it note, rip a corner off it and stuff it into her mouth.  Mommy and daddy spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out if she had in fact swallowed it or if it was still floating around somewhere in that adorable little (firmly closed and uncooperative) mouth of hers.  Well eventually it was decided that it wasn't about to do her in (hey it was high in fiber) and we would vow to be more vigilant in keeping her away from things that shouldn't go in her mouth.  This is of course becoming increasingly difficult what with her now being mobile and her arms seemingly inheriting some genes from Inspector Gadget.

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