August 13, 2015
Ice Cream and Pony

We had an ice cream potluck and at first only a couple people showed up. This was perplexing because a number of folks had told me they were coming and had bought ice cream especially for the party. And then they weren't there! And despite that we had a LOT of ice cream so I sent Elizabeth and Daddy down to the waterfront to try to round up some ice cream eaters.

Some had gotten stranded on the trampoline - they had foolishly dried out in the sun and didn't want to get wet again. So they were bravely rescued by paddle boat.

In the end we had thirty odd ice cream eaters plus Taffy the dog and I was pleased, although Elizabeth was less pleased to find out that all the lemon got eaten up as she is very fond of lemon and was apparently planning to finish it off herself (ha!) I did not record how many ice creams my children consumed because I'm sure I would not have approved. Luckily they were very tiny cones.

After the ice cream party Squeegee the Pony was offering rides. Elizabeth and Matthew have been faithfully riding their bikes. Elizabeth rode many large circles all the way around the resort (off roading on the grass!) while waiting for her turn. 

Amelia has developed her own fan club who do not seem particularly phased by all the spitting up. The random adorable puppy belonged to some folks that stopped by to buy corn. Carol planted early, mid and late ripening corn this year (as they do every year at Bondi apparently) but it all ripened at once!

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