August 11, 2015
Cottage Days

Took the oldest two kids canoeing. Elizabeth is still doing her paranoid "the canoe is going to tip I just know it stop tipping the canoe EEK" routine. Matthew just sat nicely in the canoe and enjoyed himself without trying to get out or otherwise get up to mischief. We saw two loons and paddled all the way to the sandbar, but didn't stop on the island as it was inhabited at the time.
At one point Matthew lay down and nearly went to sleep.

Sharing a room seems to be working out so far. Matthew goes to bed without an adult lying beside him. Then he stays there! He woke up in the night but Daddy just reminded him that Elizabeth is there and he went back to bed! Elizabeth has announced that when we get back to Ottawa they are going to share a room. Matthew told me that cribs are for babies. We are cautiously optimistic... Elizabeth and Matthew are getting into a bit of a routine. In the morning the kids get out of bed and play. Once Elizabeth even got them dressed and breakfasted. Every day we go biking and swimming - I've pledged to go for a daily swim and so far I've managed. Brendan thought it was too cold Monday though so he chickened out. I've been letting the kids roam around a bit on their own to visit the chickens or to the horse swing. Elizabeth clearly enjoys the freedom. They have been playing super well together. The kids had their annual ping pong instruction from Daddy, which consisted of Elizabeth yelling "hey I'm really good at this!" while wildly hitting the ball under various pieces of furniture and watching Daddy retrieve it. I was pleased to be nursing Amelia which precluded such activity... On cookout day there was a big storm but it stopped in time for hotdogs, corn and s'mores. Matthew was very excited about making his s'more but when he realized it was sticky he was super disappointed and had a meltdown. Everyone but Amelia spat their seed. Matthew managed a whole foot! Elizabeth did way better in practice than at the line and was kind of disappointed. But there is always next week!
On August 17, 2015 at 12:51 pm
Grandma H said:
Just wondering; is that a real fox? Is Amelia always passed out?

Exciting to hear that Elizabeth is helping the others get dressed in the AM.

On August 21, 2015 at 08:59 pm
Mary said:
Not a real fox - it's made of plastic and swings in the wind.

Re: Amelia - we're just not taking pictures of her spitting up or screaming...

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