August 18, 2015
Speaking of Wildlife

We went to see a Speaking of Wildlife presentation at nearby Lumina resort. It was very amusing. The presenter Krystal clearly loves her job and knows a great deal about animals. She also has an extremely expressive face - Brendan says he tried hard to get photos where she wasn't making faces at the camera (!)

I asked the kids what to write about the presentation and after they got over the part about how we let them buy nickel candy at the Lumina store but NOT ice cream even though other kids got both this is what they said:

E: We saw a skunk and got to pet it.

M: that not spray me

E: it was soft and ewshy mooshy. And we saw an owl that was tiny and when it stands up as tall as our peanut butter and weighs as much as a chocolate bar. And we saw a snake that can grow taller than Daddy and we saw a turtle. And we saw a diving duck. That other animal had lots of Rice Krispies and they turned into babies. Just to know, I didn't understand that part.

M: me hundry. (pause) More candy.

I thought the animals had pretty cute names like Murgie the merganser and Mr OP Awesome the opposum. Luna the Northern Saw-Whet owl is apparently the owl that was in the Telus commercial.

I was quite interested by the opossum. It has 26 babies at once - they are the size of Rice Krispies and the whole litter fits in a tablespoon. They race to the opposum pouch where there is only space for 13. They start having babies when they are six months old and have two litters a year! As they grow, the pouch gets heavy and drags on the ground so they crawl onto the mom's back. The tail is not strong enough to swing from.

It was also weiner roast day but unfortunately we had thunder and rain right up until it started so no campfire for us. We still got to spit out seeds though. Amelia didn't help my showing this week either - I'm blaming the humidity :) But Matthew spat 4'6" (compared to 1' last week) and Elizabeth spat 9'7" so they both came 1st in their respective age divisions. The kids had a grand old time splashing about in a giant puddle by the basketball court. If you are one of Mary's paternal relatives - look closely at the photo with the five kids dashing about. Turns out Andrew is Matthew's third cousin...

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