August 19, 2015
Island visit and Scavenger hunt

Took the kids canoeing (with paddles this time!) to the island to eat their snack and Elizabeth mostly didn't whine about it. This might have been because I told her very seriously that if she made any commentary about the canoe tipping I would personally drop her in the lake. Luckily she decided not to test whether I was joking or not. Happy to report that the island is mostly in one piece, aside from a couple of trees (is that beaver damage??) Matthew only dropped his paddle overboard once.

We had leftover candy after last week's treasure hunt and I suddenly thought it might be fun to do a scavenger hunt. So we did! We divided the kids into various groups - girls vs boys, older vs younger, based on alphabetical order of first name... - and then gave each group a list and fifteen minutes to complete each one. There was much groaning over the older versus younger as it was widely agreed this would not be fair for the younger kids. But the younger kids totally owned that round to the point where the older kids had to be told they couldn't just watch to see what the young'uns were doing and copy. Matthew mostly did his own thing which seemed to involve throwing sticks into a tree and bringing me random rocks and pieces of grass. "Here dat ting!"

I got them to find items based on the colours of the rainbow. One group (girls) brought back all natural items and the other brought back mostly plastic. Then I had them bring back items starting with the letters spelling "Bondi". "I" was my favourite letter  - one group used an IPhone and the other found some ice. It was a lot of fun, although I confess the kids were a bit faster finding the items than expected.

After the scavenger hunt we all went back to the beach. Elizabeth's particularly enjoying playing with her friend Dori. They went paddle-boating together all by themselves and Dori not only talked my ultra-cautious-in-the-water kid into jumping of the dock into the shallow water, she also talked Elizabeth into jumping into the water from the trampoline!

I would be quite remiss if I didn't also note that Miss Amelia went for her very first swim in the lake today - she dipped her toes and sat in the water before but this was the real deal. She seemed to like it.

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