August 21, 2015
Rainy day

It was cold (only 22C, brr), windy and rainy. Elizabeth played on the beach in her swimsuit anyway. Matthew played in long pants and a sweater.

The water was still warm though so I went for my daily swim despite the weather. The kids were quite pleased to be able to have a fire - most of our time here it has been too hot to contemplate such things!

On our daily bike ride past the barn, the kids spied Nancy and decided to visit. They've decided they aren't coming home with us but are just going to live here forever. With Nancy, apparently. She has been an extremely good sport about their incessant questions and tugging on clothes as they jostle for attention. I live in fear of the day that one of them accidentally undresses someone.

In any case, Nancy let the kids feed the chickens and see the BIG horses. Matthew was brave enough to let one eat right out of his hand. Elizabeth badly wanted to do the same but every time the chickens got close she'd lose her nerve and fling the food at the startled hen. Eventually they got quite nervous and didn't want to come close anymore. Probably they weren't terribly hungry by that point either!

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