August 23, 2015
Matthew is 2.5

Matthew's picture with a bear had a slight delay because while we brought practically everything else with us to the cottage, we forgot Bear. (Well, and Elizabeth didn't pack her shorts, but we're not talking about that...)

At two and a half Matthew weighs 26 pounds and is 35.5" tall. He is a very loud, very sweet, very active bounce-off-the-walls-into-the-ceiling kind of kid. He adores his sisters, particularly Elizabeth who can talk him into doing nearly anything.

We are rather half-heartedly working on potty training, though Elizabeth probably is the most enthusiastic about it. I've been using the Huggies Potty Time app which is definitely more effective than stickers or anything else we've tried, but I often forget to remind him to head to the bathroom. As long as I remember he can stay dry, but in general he will not poop on the toilet. Except for Elizabeth, once in a blue moon.

He can be terrifying in his attempts to jump or climb or somersault on things, but thankfully has started to acquire some common sense. Now he'll usually wait before stepping into space. Actually, we'd say he's matured quite a lot in the past couple of months. He is still VERY two though.

Matthew suddenly increased his sentence complexity around when Amelia was born and he's become pretty chatty. He doesn't punctuate every other word with "uh huh" anymore, unless really excited. He's started to add a second negative sometimes, but for a while when trying to tell us something negative he would say the opposite and then add an indignant Noooo! ie "That dog bite me. Noooo! That dog nice. Me pat." Which could get confusing if you didn't know that he had definitely not been bitten by the dog but was actually just trying to say that he wanted to pat the dog. But now it's become more "Me not naughty. Nooo! Me dood. Me tall!"

He's very comfortable in the pool, but quite cautious in the lake after he discovered a snapping turtle under the dock at the cottage with big sister and she spun him a scary tale about being grabbed by the foot if you go swimming.

He has definitely has started the endless question phase, to Elizabeth's complete exasperation. At the cottage his bedtime stalling started with "One more ting, Mommy!" "Yes" I'd reply patiently, knowing what was coming. "Mommy, what do deer eat?" Elizabeth would roll her eyes, groan loudly and tell him that he already knew the answer. "Otay", he'd agree. "What do BABY deer eat?" "Argh!" would go Elizabeth. One time she asked him "WHY do you KEEP asking WHY??" "It sounds nice", he replied.

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