August 22, 2015
Goodbye to the Cottage

Elizabeth woke me up in the middle of the night to proudly tell me that she had lost her other front tooth. I was glad that she hadn't swallowed it or otherwise lost it, but inwardly groaning at the thought of locating a shiny coin etc at 4am. Luckily Elizabeth wanted to show the tooth off to Grandma and Daddy. "I think the tooth fairy better come tomorrow night at home", she said. "Do you think she'll understand if I just don't put the tooth into my tooth bag?". I assured her that I thought this was an EXCELLENT idea and we all went back to bed.

In the morning it was foggy, so Daddy bundled the kids into the canoe and they went looking for photo ops and discovered a heron. After breakfast Grandma, the kids and I went back into the canoe for a last snack on the island.

We had a hard time tearing ourselves away from the perfect beach weather and Elizabeth was trying to figure out a way to pack her friend Dori too. I was just amazed that all this stuff had fit on the way down! We finally left around quarter to five - well past Henrietta's bakery closing time, sadly. But I did manage to get some fresh Bondi corn... The kids fell asleep very quickly and slept almost the whole way home (we arrived at 8:20pm).

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