September 1, 2015
Grade 1

Elizabeth started grade one at the "big school" today.

The bus was so late arriving that we ended up bailing and driving her to school. Not a good start.

I located her class line in the school yard and snuck an illicit look at the class list. I was distraught to discover that none of Elizabeth's friends are in her class for the third time in a row!!! I'm not sure how this is even possible, but there did seem to be quite a lot of new kids that I didn't recognize in grade one. Adi and most of her other good friends are (of course) all in the same class. I had visions of a repeat of last year where Elizabeth was a holy terror at home for the first month or two of school while she grieved not having friends.

So I was upset. So upset, in fact, that I marched myself off to meet the new principal (on her first day of work) and demand she do something about it. Or at least let me know a) how many kids are in her class and b) first names of said kids. That of course didn't end well. I was unimpressed by her attitude that it's "illegal" to give out a class list of any kind, while admitting that as principal she gets to set the rules. I still do NOT understand why the names of the kids is a classified secret at this school - I much prefer the system in place in much of Ottawa where you get to find out your teacher and who is in your class over the course of the summer. 

In any case, all my fretting was premature. Elizabeth got off the bus at the end of the day all smiles. She loves the new school (and the monkey bars). She loves her teacher. And gently admonished me: "Mom, it's a rule that you don't get to have your friends in your class. I will make new friends and I get to play with Adi and my other friends at recess." So I grudgingly have to admit my kid is more mature about school than I am.

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