September 4, 2015
Amelia is 3 months

At three months, Amelia weighs 14.5 pounds.

She's VERY talkative - she'll coo and coo. If you talk to her she will often respond and we can get a little conversation going which is adorable, especially when her siblings are the ones talking to her as if they completely understand what she's saying. She's become much more smiley in the last month and has just started giggling. She has an awesome giggle.

She's a great sleeper. I feed her, she coos a bit, she fills a dozen diapers and then she drifts off. We discovered that she sleeps about twice as long in one stretch if you swaddle her (unlike both her siblings).

She's trying hard to roll over now. Sadly her great efforts to do so is rubbing off her hair and we're starting to get the reverse tonsure. Hopefully new hair grows soon because I'm not a fan of the baby monk look.

Matthew was desperate to have her go in the exersaucer, so I recently caved. She seems to enjoy it - holds her head up well and bats at the toys. We couldn't get her to sit up properly for her photo though, she was fascinated by her feet and kept looking down until we rearranged them out of sight.

She might be spitting slightly less, as I don't have to change my clothes quite as often. She's managing to yank out quite a bit of my hair instead.

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