September 5, 2015
22 hours of fun
We normally go camping as a big group in July, but for obvious reasons (three babies!) we hadn't gotten further than our own backyard. With a nice forecast in the weekend I was determined to change this. Dianne was my willing partner in crime but as we discussed possible locations the guys stated a strong preference for more backyard camping. Something about two of the kids being under six months... Aidan and Caitlyn had been camping for several days in their backyard so they were all set! I admit I pouted about not going to a "real" campsite for a few minutes but then I had to admit that it was pretty nice to have nearby a/c, working flush toilets, great cooking amenities (not that I did any personally - I was totally spoilt) and especially the dishwasher available. In fact, David and Dianne were fabulous hosts - even providing our own personal "beach" (sandbox) and waterfront (the pool) and wilderness hiking area (Bruce Pit). We even managed fancy s'mores on the bbq and did some stargazing with Aidan's telescope. Everyone was sad when it was decided we really couldn't stay a second night. I'm already scheming to bike along the NCC trails between our two houses as soon as the kids can manage it!

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